The importance of disconnecting


I’m always pretty adamant about balancing my online and offline time. Working on the web can sometimes cause a bit of an online overload and to prevent this I try to turn off at 4:30pm every night. Breaking the rules every now and then is fine, but family and personal time is far too important to be constantly connected. I’ll usually get back online for a quick email or twitter check once I put my little girl to bed, and in the off chance there is some overtime work to be done I’ll remote in around 9pm.

This week I’m on vacation and have made an effort to be offline (ie. leaving my phone in the car while camping). To be honest the only reason I’m online writing this is because ArleyM has been very kind in motivating me to get my blog up and running. I felt that skipping my weekly ‘Write a blog post’ reminder would be rude.

In the spirit of getting offline here are links to some great printed material that I enjoy reading while away from the screen:

The Manual

Offscreen Magazine

8 Faces


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  1. ArleyM says:

    The last 2 weekends I’ve completely disconnected. I really think it makes a massive difference in how fresh and motivated I am during work hours.

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